Mens Dry Cut €13 –

Get a quick and slick men’s dry hair cut at an affordable price. Our barbers ensure they give you the haircut you were looking for. We are experts in our field and are happy to give suggestions. We always listen to our customers to provide the best men’s cuts. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Mens Wash & Cut €15 –

Get a little extra service with a fresh shampooing and cut.

Senior (OAP) Dry Cut €10 –

We appreciate the senior citizens and provide a senior discount for dry cuts.

Student Dry Cut €11 –

We were students once too; we know a discount is needed when you’re trying to soak in all that knowledge. Get a cheaper cut if you have a student card.

Children’s Cut €9 –

Our friendly barbers are great with kids. We understand that it can be hard for smallies when they are getting their first haircuts. We provide a cheery service and make sure every child is comfortable when getting a haircut in Crudge’s Barbershop. Whether it’s their first or their 20th haircut, they will always get a lollipop at the end…and sometimes the parents too.

Beard Trim €5 –

We have the expertise to provide the perfect shave or beard trim to suit your face. Be it Balbo beard trims, Chin Curtain, Goat patch, Goatee, Handlebar moustache or Soul patch, we can sort you out, we can sort you out. Go on, save yourself from having to do it at home.